Rolex Giraglia Race - Spirit of Yachting

June 2022/Producer/Director/Arri Amira - FX9 - AVID

I Produced and Directed a 24minute program for IMG/Rolex on the Giraglia race as part of their 'Spirit of Yachting' program that is distributed to BBC World. I was responsible for developing features, location shooting and the post production of the program.

Today in Bejing - Winter Paralympics

March 2022/VT Producer/Premier - EVS

I was part of a team that delivered a daily 30minute program for Channel 4 as part of Whisper's output for the Winter Paralympics. Tasked with making stories on Paralympic legends such as Oksana Masters to making highlights of the biathlon.

The Dakar Daily - Red Bull TV

January 2022/Executive Producer/F55, FS7, Premier Pro

I was responsible for a eight person team delivering 14x22m programs from the Dakar Rally which was presented by Mike Chen in Saudi Arabia. My team delivered a presenter led highlights show with features and behind the scenes stories from the desert in tough conditions and with the tightest of deadlines.

Tokyo 2020 'Behind the Screen' Official Film

August 2021/Editor /F55, FS7, AVID

I worked with Director George Miller in producing a one hour film titled 'Behind the Screen' at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I edited this program whilst in production building story lines, sync cuts and bringing together a coherent narrative. We told the story of those that make the games happen, the highs and lows of pulling off one of the toughest Olympics in history.

Racing on the Edge

July 2021/Producer/Director/Premier Pro

I produced and directed two 24minute programs for SailGP in their 'Racing on the Edge' series. S2 EP 2 - The Maverick - S2 EP 6 - Redemption Down Under

Come Home a Champion - Garmin

September 2020/Director/Arri Amira, FS5, DJI Inspire & Leica R Summilux PL Van Diemen lenses

Palmer Productions pitched the idea of 'Come Home a Champion' to Garmin UK to bring together the technical and emotional elements of INEOS's America's Cup campaign. This was filmed under a tight production schedule due to strict COVID guidelines. Pre production was done remotely using pictures for the recce and Zoom meetings with the DOP and Gaffer to set plan each shot. This was to minimise the time on set and time spent inside on location. An Arri varient of Rec709 was shown on set and brought through to post in Resolve with a further look applied.

Challenge of a Lifetime - Ineos Team UK

September 2020/Producer / Editor/Premier Pro 2020

Working with Ineos Team UK and Helical Productions I scripted / produced and post produced this film to celebrate the launch of the Britains's America's Cup race boat.

Red Bull Media House - Best of Bike 2019

January 2020/Producer / Editor/Premier Pro 2020

I was contracted to produce a film that encapsulated the essence of Red Bull Media House's bike events in 2019. This involved going through a huge amount of footage and bringing together the best stories, sound bites and spectacular images inside three minutes. Delivered a 20 Track EBU compliant master straight to their HQ in Salzberg.

Void Acoustics Product Films

July 2020/Producer /

Post COVID-19 lockdown 2020 I self shot and produced a series of product films for Void Acoustics. I operated a motion controller and a probe lens to get a unique perspective into the speakers design and features.

INEOS Sport Greater Together Launch

September 2018/Producer & Editor/Premier Pro, Audition and After Effects

This film was produced to launch the partnership between all INEOS's sporting properties. This was also used as a title sequence for a live broadcast. A huge amount of effort went into the sound design and graphics to create a technical and cohesive feel.

Britannia Rules The Waves - Ineos Team UK

September 2018/Producer & Editor/Avid, Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition

I made three films ahead of Ineos Team UK's launch of their yacht Britannia. One was to explain why the yacht was called 'Britannia' another to showcase what the team have done to get to that point and finally a title sequence to kick start their live show on the day of the launch. I collaborated with Media Zoo, who kindly let me transcode and copy media in Avid. Helical Productions provided the animation of the race boat. Robin Knox Johnson provided excellent voice-over. Other films: ITUK Timeline Title Sequence for the Inside Tack

Chine One Ningbo GC32

December 2018/Shooting PD & Editor/FS5 - Mavic Pro 2 - A6300 - Premier Pro

I had a short brief to make this film and that was to wow a Chinese audience. I wanted to incorporate a brief back story of how one of the sailors became a professional sailor. The other strand was about how sailing can change young peoples lives and why one of the sailors also runs a sailing school. I delivered a 'hero' film, two sailor features, a best of action cut and a VNR for Chinese Media.

Red Bull Media House - Best of Adventure 2018

December 2018/Editor/Premier Pro

This was the best Red Bull Media House project I've worked on this year. Turning hours of footage into a three minute montage that showcases all of the best content from 2018 was a big challenge. The first step was to work with Red Bull's music team who helped me locate and find music that isn't on their library for this special one off use. Finding tracks that worked for particular sections, to build pace and to cut well with the different sports was difficult but it was worth trawling through their vast library. This project was media managed, edited and delivered in four days, including a 20 track split track master.

11th Hour Racing Sustainability Series - Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18

December 2017/Shooting PD & Editor/FS5, A6300 & Premier Pro

I am working with 11th Hour Racing to produce sustainability focused features for their sponsorship in the 2017/2018 Volvo Ocean Race. I will be producing and editing content for their social media channels until June 2018.

HSBC Rugby 7s World Tour 2017/18

December 2017/Editor/F5, A7s and Avid

I am editing on the HSBC Rugby 7s World Tour, producing features and highlights for World Rugby.

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2017 - IMG Productions

October 2017/Shooting AP/Sony FS7

The Rolex Spirit of Yachting film series features 25-minute documentaries of the leading regattas and racing events on the international sailing agenda. This episode zooms in on the 38th Rolex Middle Sea Race, organized by the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Of the 104 starters only 35 crossed the finish line off Valletta, Malta having successfully conquered the 606-nautical mile race’s challenging and diverse weather conditions.

Length of Britain Challenge - Helical Productions / Vendee2020Vision

September 2017/Shooting PD & Editor/Sony A7s / Canon EF / Premier Pro /

Five talented sailors broke the Length of Britain challenge in a Open60 yacht in 02d:14h:06m. I told the story of the challenge from onboard by shooting and editing two daily updates. It was a pleasure to be apart of the challenge in a epic blast up the Irish Sea!

Women’s Rugby World Cup - 78Seventy

August 2017/Editor/Avid Media Composer / Sony F5

I edited features and match highlights from the final ten days of the tournament. On match days I would self-produce, logging and cutting three consecutive games at a time. The client was World Rugby and 78Seventy were the host broadcaster of the competition.

World Match Racing Tour Highlights Show - Red Handed TV

August 2017/Editor/Premier Pro CC

I edited a 47 minute highlights show about the World Match Racing Tour in Russia. It was distributed by IMG and broadcast by Sky Sports in the UK.

China One Ningbo Features - LLoyd Images

July 2017/DOP / Producer / Editor/Canon C300mk2 / Canon 5dMk3 / DJI Inspire 2 / GoPro4+ / Premier Pro CC

Over a two day shoot in Marstrand, Sweden we shot two pieces of digital content to help China One Ningbo communicate it’s aims and objectives. We also created bespoke TV news content to secure media placement on CCTV in China.

Event Rider Masters - Red Handed TV

July 2017/Editor/Premier Pro CC

I edited digital content, VTs for the live stream and content for the 47 minute highlights program.

Land Rover BAR

January 2015/TV Production Manager / Producer / Editor/Premier Pro CC / Sony FS7 / DJI Phantom 4+ / GoPro4+ / RoninMX / 5dMK3

I was the in-house producer for Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup Challenge. I produced all of the teams online content, TV news VNRs and commercial videos. I worked with Arrow Media to produce our team documentary on BBC2 as camera operator, assistant producer and offline editor. It was a 4k delivery shot on a Sony F55 and FS7.

America’s Cup Discovered - Sunset+Vine

March 2013/Producer & Editor/FCP 7

The 34th America’s Cup had placed a weekly 26minute magazine TV show on Channel 4. I produced the final 11 episodes in the build up to the 34th America's Cup.

Santander ISAF Sailing World Championships - Sunset+Vine

September 2014/Producer / Helicopter Director/FCP7 / XDCAM / CINEFLEX

I produced the VT content for live broadcast and digital output. I was also the helicopter director gathering aerials.

RC44 Championship Tour

March 2011/Editor / AP/FCP 7, XDCAM

I worked on the RC44 Championship tour mostly as an editor / camera op and occasionally as a producer. The world’s most powerful businessmen raced 44ft yachts in the best sailing locations on the planet. We produced daily highlights and TV news VNRS for location and international media.

London 2012 Olympic Games – Sunset+Vine / BBC Sport

July 2012/Editor/

I was one of three editors working on racing highlights, features and content for BBC Online during the Olympic sailing events in 2012. Sunset+Vine were responsible for producing all of the BBC’s sailing content during the games.

Sea Master Sailing TV Show - Sunset+Vine

July 2010/Producer & Editor/FCP 7

46 x 26min Sea Master Sailing TV show for Sky Sports and international distribution. This show was Sunset+Vine's flagship magazine program (now The World Sailing Show) that showcases World Sailing's stories from around the world.