About Me

I’m a TV production professional with 11 years experience in live TV, documentaries, digital and commercial content.

I was fortunate to pursue my passion for production and sport at Sunset+Vine|APP. From 2010 to 2015 I produced and edited a monthly magazine TV show, edited VTs at the 2012 Olympic games for the BBC and travelled to over 25 countries as a producer, editor and camera operator.

In January 2015 I joined Ben Ainslie Racing as their TV Production Manager in their campaign to win the 35th America’s Cup. I produced the teams digital video content, TV news and commercial films. I also worked with Arrow Media producing the teams BBC2 Documentary ‘Taking Flight – Britain’s America’s Cup Challenge.

I’m passionate about creating stunning films and telling incredible stories. I’m used to filming in extreme conditions to editing under the tightest of deadlines, working in a huge OB or as a one-man band.

I'm a experienced Producer/Director across a range of subject types, from ideas to storyboard, prodution through to post for branded content to internal communications and VTs for broadcast.


+447824 445 995